Wink X Stores

In 2015, Wink began a series of collaboration with renowned designers in fashion, interior and architectural industries. Codenamed Wink X, the project focuses on bringing further inspiration, creativity and innovation to Wink’s products and shopping experiences.

Wink X Stores are curated by our Creative Director Zifeng Wei, an architectural graduate from the University of Bath and the AA, who has worked with renowned architects such as Sou Fujimoto and TYIN tegnestue.

Wink X Stores are conceived in a collaborative process with architects and interior designers, focusing on the creation of unique and exciting shopping experiences.


 Wink X Spora Architects

Deák Ferenc u. 10, 1052 Budapest

Wink Westend store


Wink X WY

WestEnd City Center, Váci út 1-3, 1062 Budapest

Wink Westend store


 WINK X Miklós Kiss

Teréz krt 18. (Oktogon), 1066 Budapest

Wink Westend store


Wink X Indelab

MAMMUT I.  Lövőház út 2. 1024 Budapest

Wink Westend store


 WINK X stores