Wink has been releasing comfortable footwear designs from its Budapest home town for nearly 30 years now. Much has changed and evolved since then in fashion, design and technology, but the need to walk comfortably, in style, remains a basic necessity.

Wink Designers


In 2015, Wink began a series of collaborations with renowned designers in fashion, interior and architectural industries. Codenamed Wink X, the project focuses on bringing further inspiration, creativity and innovation to Wink’s products and shopping experiences.

Wink Designers

Premium natural leathers, unique materials, forward thinking designs, handcrafted products - the renewed collection attempts to fuse the fast paced urban context with the slow crafting processes developed over centuries. 

Wink X Project

Minimal spaces, unusual displays, exciting forms - the Wink X stores are conceived through a collaborative process with renowned Hungarian architects and interior designers, each store unique to its own, yet all characterised by a common design ethos. More on Wink X stores (link to wink x stores)



This year’s collection and campaign focuses on a set of unique personalities, the fusing the fast with slow, geometric with organic, technology with craft, edgy with soft, resulting in a subtle flashiness, an elegant brutality. When these elements clash, exciting things are bound to happen… 

Experience the campaign! 





 Dobrogyinszki-Gulyás Klára

Klára Dobrogyinszki-Gulyás

Klara graduated as an industrial design and production engineer. After working in a shoe factory as the production manager, she joined the Wink team in its early years to take on design tasks. With years of experience in footwear design, development and production, she has been guiding Wink’s young and energetic team with support, rational coordination and mentoring. Her designs are characterised by her engineering precision and accuracy.


Ágota Grabarics

Ágota Grabits

Ágota graduated from the Secondary School of Visual Arts (Kisképző) in Budapest, Hungary, specializing in Leather craft. Her attention was grabbed by the processes of drawing and design, the experimentation with different materials. She majored in Knitwear at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME) where she was pushing the limits of experimentation with materials and shapes even more. This attitude is also the cornerstone of her work at Wink. Ágota started to work at Wink in late 2016 where she performs various tasks in the design process. 



Macovei Kitty

Kitti Macovei

Kitti earned her BA at Óbuda University as an industrial designer and continued her studies at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design – MOME as fashion and textile designer. After gaining varied experiences in fashion and clothing industry, she joined Wink in 2016, where she focuses on the design of bag collections. Her designs are characterised by unique, structured surfaces, unusual material combinations and bold forms.






Every year, the company supports several social causes by donating a portion of its revenue and products to people in need, let it be hospitals, children’s homes or charity organisations. We are also proud of being a sponsor of the Special Olympics (link to special olympics page) for over 20 years, and since 2004 we have been organising the annual Wink Marathon in Siofok.