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Wink is one of the fastest growing brands in the Central-European region. Footwear collections by talented designers, fashion collaborations and unique shop interiors by amazing architects all open up a whole new dimension for our customers.

Exclusive designer shoe and bag collections
Mass market / fast fashion collection
 Over 1 million pairs sold per year
300+ new styles per season
50+ stores in Europe
Continuous growth since 1992

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Visit our Showroom:

Harmat street 210.
1108 Budapest

(Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8:00 - 16:00)
Telephone: +36 1 431 7759

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Discover the full Wink 2016 AW campaign here!

WINK premium shoes

 Hungarian designer pieces
✓ Small series production
✓ Exceptional quality and durability
✓ Handcrafted products 

Download the Wink 2016 AW catalogues:

2016 AW Premium >>     2016 AW Basic >>


Wink Mammut store

The rapid development and the power of the brand can be seen in the newly redesigned contemporary concept stores.
Wink stores are not just shops, but they are an experience!

Find out more about the Wink X Stores here

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You can expect exceptional results if:

✓ You are involved in footwear and/or accessories retailing (reseller)
✓ You manage an online webshop and you would like to expand your product range (reseller)
 You would like to open a Wink Store in our franchise program (franchisor)
✓ You have great connections with international shoe retailers, multibrand stores, webshops (agency)
✓ You have a stable distribution background and would like to expand your product range (distributor)