WINK & ENIHORN @ Marie Claire Fashion Days 2016

2016 Nov 14
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Many excellent Hungarian designer took part in the event held in the prestigious Várkert Bazár, such as the fresh and versatile brand ENIHORN. The Hungarian brand accerosized their man outfits with WINK Premium men shoes.

ENIHORN and WINK @ Marie Claire Fashion Days 2016


2016 Nov 14
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As long as it's about boots, it's whatever. Boots play a unique role this season since you can create almost any type of look with them. You just have to be careful about choosing the length of clothes and boots, so make sure the ration is right.  

Wink Beryl High

Wink: perfect urban equipment

2016 Jun 30 Fashion, architect
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Budapest is eclectic and harmonic at the same time. You can find thousands of colors and shapes on the buildings, the streets, and on the clothes worn by the people. wink-tervezo-designer3

2015 Wink Shop Design Competition Winners

2016 Jun 14 architect, New store
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Following the 2015 Wink Shop Design Competition announcement we received many entries from various countries including the UK and Germany. wink-tervezo-designer1_indelab

Wink products from artisanal workshops

2016 Jun 08
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Have you ever wondered how a handcrafted bag is produced? Or do you know what it special about the Wink shoes crafted in its Mediterranean manufactories? Now you can find out!

Wink Geom Shoulder Bag

Clean and exciting shapes

2016 Apr 22 Fashion
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We were talking with Kitti Macovei about the Geom bag collection and the national and international role of the handcrafted design. Wink Bag

New Wink store in Budapest by WY design

2016 Mar 19 Fashion, architect, New store
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Wink recently launched a cross disciplinary collaboration with design firms under project Wink X, which is set out to connect the brand with local industrial, fashion, architectural and interior designers. WY was chosen to design one of the first Wink concept stores in Budapest, which would be rolled out to other cities in the next few years.

Wink Westend store

Style or Warmth? Choose both – Choose Wink’s Premium Collection

2016 Jan 08
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Wink is proud to present you its 2015 autumn/winter collection –– and this time, with an evermore exciting Premium Collection. This season, we put extra emphasis on combining style and comfort, and carefully designed each shoe to fit the needs of every occasion.   wink men boots


2015 Nov 25 Fashion
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Summery mood on cool autumn days! We are preparing for the spring rebirth.

In the middle of the autumn it’s getting colder and colder, but there's no excuse for us! We are preparing spiritfully for the 2016 Spring/Summer collection with a two day photo shoot session.


Documentary, produced with Wink’s sponsorship, is successful on BIDF

2015 Nov 25 charity
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Documentary “His Parents’ Eyes”, produced with Wink’s sponsorship, has successfully entered the Budapest International Documentary Film Festival (BIDF)!

The Budapest International Documentary Film festival was held at Urania Cinema from 23 to 27 September 2015, where 36 documentary films were shown from around the world.

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